The Calm Child Workshop Live

Learn the secret to calming your child and raising their confidence while they sleep with The Goulding Method, founded by ©Joane Goulding. 

Wednesday 3rd July | 11am – 1pm BST 

The Calm Child Workshop Live

Learn the secret to calming your child and raising their confidence while they sleep with The Goulding Method, founded by ©Joane Goulding. 

Wednesday 3rd July | 11am – 1pm BST

If so, I believe I can help you…

But first… I thought you’d like to hear from other parents who have used this method to help their child.

Heather's Story

Click the video below to hear Heather talk about how her 6-year-old daughter’s meltdown’s have decreased by using this method.

Does this sound familiar?

Hitting & Anger

Your child is hitting you and their siblings and it's affecting how you all feel as a family.

Not Sleeping

Your child needs you by their side every night; leaving you with no time for yourself at the end of the day.

Back Talk and Power Struggles

You try to speak to your child and validate their feelings, but it isn't making a difference! They push you away, shout at you and don't listen.

Walking on Eggshells Around Your Child

You find yourself trying to say the "right" thing to your child and managing everything that you do so that you don't "set them off" into a big emotional outburst.

Negative Self-Talk & Low Self-Esteem

Your child is constantly saying things like "Nobody likes me", "It would be better if I wasn't here" or "It would be better if I wasn't in this family- I can't do anything right." Plus lots of "I can't do this" and avoiding homework or new social activities.

Other parents just like you have started to...

The result for many parents has been:

Parent Feedback

We've tried CBT therapy and play therapy and nothing was really making a difference. The Goulding Method has been the thing that has helped my son and I am so thankful to have found you and this information.

What a miracle this method is! My son woke up happy and excited for the day. He can stay in his room all by himself and is no longer scared. We are only 2 nights into the method!

I have been implementing the method for 2 weeks now with my 7 year old and have noticed a big improvement in my child's anxieties. The physical worry in her face has gone and her attitide is so much more positive. If this is only 2 weeks, who knows what she will be like at 12 weeks!

What you will learn in this class...

You will be receiving my expert advice and experience as a consultant that has taught this incredible method to hundreds of parents around the world and is now training consultants and therapists.

This method is so life-changing that I use it with EVERY single family that I work with and have done for years.

What some other professionals say about The Goulding Method:

Professor Ian E Brighthope MBBS, Dip Ag Sci, FACNEM, FASE, MAIAST, Fellow of Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine:

The Goulding Method is a sensible, practical and easy to follow method of communicating important messages to a subconscious mind. It is especially useful for effecting changes to children’s behavior. This process should be offered to all parents, educators and health professionals and the practice needs to be adopted in the management of all disorders in which the mind plays a significant role.

Dr. Eileen Feeney MB, BCh, BAO, BA, DCH, FRENZCP:

“I am a qualified medical practitioner and psychiatrist and have used the techniques of the Goulding Method over many years. I have found it to be very safe and effective and I’ve received very positive feedback from parents of the children who were treated.”

The Calm Child Workshop Live

Wednesday 3rd July 2024 | 11am – 1pm BST | ZOOM

$175 or 2 x $90PM

Parent-proven approaches that work for Highly Sensitive children

More parent feedback...

Actress from Will and Grace

I learnt more from one of your videos than I did in 10 years of therapy!


Jen Harrison thank you! I've been saying the words every night, and we have noticed some changes. She's stayed in her bed 2 nights in a row without us even talking about it. We are preparing for her to go back to in-person learning next week and anticipate it will be tough for her. She struggled with intense separation anxiety before covid and we are hopeful this will support her as we transition back

S. Blanchette

I did this workshop with you in March and it has worked wonders! My son's once daily meltdowns are now maybe once a week if that. So THANK YOU! My husband and I are both very happy!


Good morning Jen. I had to write to let you know that after doing this training and implementing the method on my daughter she slept through the entire night in her own bed and has woken up in a happy and very loving mood! She's not slept through the night in her own bed more than 4 times since being born!!


No problem! Many parents won't attend live due to work, commitments with their child or simply because the time doesn't work for them in their time zone.

I am recording the meeting and it will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

You can get the same benefits from watching in your own time at home.

Here is a list of some of the challenges I've helped parents with using The Goulding Method:

Sleep issues

Attachment anxiety

Phobias and fears

Night terrors and nightmares


Toiletting issues

Anxiety and worries

Anger and meltdowns

Sibling rivarly

Low self esteem

School worries

YES! I have assisted parents whose child has a diagnosis and many parents have found this method very helpful in terms of reducing symptoms that come as part of ADHD or autism.

I don't plan to run this live again at the moment.

We have provided a payment plan to make this class accessible to as many people as possible.

And if you are really struggling with your child, I want to remind you that the method that I am teaching you requires 2 hours of your time to learn from me and then a further 2 mins per night.

The potential rewards that this investment in time and money could give you is described as life changing by some families and very "little lift" in terms of effort and time.

Any child between ages 2 and 14 years.

I don't know what you've got going on, but I know how hard it is to trust that something can help you when you feel like you've tried everything...

Many parents come to me after seeing psychologists, play therapists, doctors, school counsellors and the like...

I've seen this method make differences to many families who previously found no answers in all the places they expected to.

If it helped them, it could also help you.😊