The Calm Child Clinic

Learn the secrets to calming a highly sensitive child… and calm their big emotions by 60-80% The next clinic is starting on the 26th March. Join now. 

The Calm Child Clinic

Learn the secrets to calming a highly sensitive child… and calm their big emotions by 60-80%. The Calm Child Clinic will start on the 26th March.

Get the tools and advice that you need to calm your Highly Sensitive Child’s emotions and build their resilience within a safe space of people who also want a calmer home.

Heather's Story

Click the video below to hear Heather talk about how her 6-year-old daughter’s meltdown’s have decreased by using this method.

Does this sound familiar?

Hundreds of parents have been to The Calm Child Clinic and these are the types of things they were struggling with:

Hitting & Anger

Your child is hitting you and their siblings and it's affecting how you all feel as a family.

Walking on Eggshells Around Your Child

You find yourself trying to say the "right" thing to your child and managing everything that you do so that you don't "set them off" into a big emotional outburst.

Back Talk and Power Struggles

You try to speak to your child and validate their feelings, but it isn't making a difference! They push you away, shout at you and don't listen.

Negative Self-Talk & Low Self-Esteem

Your child is constantly saying things like "Nobody likes me", "It would be better if I wasn't here" or "It would be better if I wasn't in this family- I can't do anything right." Plus lots of "I can't do this" and avoiding homework or new social activities.

Constant Worries & Withdrawal

Worrying and anxiety shows up for your child and they’re often too scared to do things as a result.

Other parents just like you have started to...

Here's what other parents have said!

Jen, today's session was great! I actually cried just listening to each of the women speak. I felt like I was surrounded by mothers that understood me and whose children share similar traits to my daughter!

I loved the clinic! It is hard to remember all the things we learned, as there were so many good tips! I felt seen - you made it feel like you were speaking to us all, not just the parent speaking. There was no judgement from you and it felt like a safe space to say that I'm struggling and don't enjoy being a mom some days. You were just so understanding.

Working with Jen has been life-changing for my family. My son transformed into a new person within a few weeks, from screaming tantrums and battles every day to a calm, happy child who would communicate with me clearly.

What a highly sensitive child needs...

Highly sensitive children just want to feel like they aren't alone with their big feelings.

When they are hitting, screaming, having intense meltdowns, feeling worries or avoiding things, they are telling you that their nervous system is dysregulated and that they don’t feel secure inside.

They are getting stuck in their feelings and finding it hard to move in and out of them.

This is why you can’t reason with or soothe them.

When you learn how to regulate your child’s nervous system, you will see them start to put their feelings into words, move through their feelings in a healthy way, and come back to calm sooner.

Why do you struggle to do this with your child right now?


You were never shown this yourself as a child because there is very little education on mental health and emotions in school and your parents probably didn’t have this information either.

And so you get stuck in overwhelm; feeling confused and worried about your child, with no roadmap as to how to help them.

This confusion and worry that you feel leaves you walking around your child on eggshells whilst they continue to feel like there is something wrong with them and unlovable.

I want to help you BOTH feel more calm by showing you how to support your child’s mind and body.

As a sensitive child, I really struggled with anxiety and found school really hard.

My parents didn’t know what was wrong with me and, after visits to the doctor and a school counsellor, were still left feeling confused.

This made my Mum feel helpless and in tears at night and left me feeling like there was something wrong or broken about me.

I went on to mask how I was feeling as a teenager and young adult and those coping strategies came to a head when on my 21st birthday I ended up in bed with complete burn out and Chronic Fatigue.

What I went on to learn was that as a child and young adult, I was bottling lots of feelings up in my body and it caused my body to say “enough is enough”.

I was walking around with a dysregulated nervous system, and a core belief that I was unlovable and not good enough, which was causing me to feel a lot of anxiety.

Because my childhood experiences as a sensitive child caused me anxiety in adulthood, I went on to learn about emotional wellbeing, healed myself from chronic fatigue, got my energy (and my life) back and made a commitment to myself that I was going to help children with similar traits, so that they didn’t need to struggle like I did as a child or adult later in life.

I find that supporting you as a parent is so powerful because you are the most influential person in your child's life.

Your child really wants to FEEL like you understand them…

Without this, they feel like there is something about them that needs to be “fixed”.

They think “if my parents don’t understand how I feel or speak to me in ways that make me feel that…well there must be something wrong with me.”

I know that you love your child…deeply.

You’re likely trying all sorts of ways to show this by trying to help them and validate their feelings.

The problem is that often the child doesn’t believe that you understand them or that they are indeed lovable just as they are.

And this is often based on how a child repeatedly perceives your words and reactions.

In a child’s eyes, it doesn’t matter that you know that you love them and that you think they are amazing just as they are… they need to actually believe it in order to feel it.

This was how my mum and I used to feel.

She would walk on eggshells, hoping that nothing would set me off.

And I would feel like the “odd” one in the family.

We were both doing our best with the very little information that we had at that point.

With all of this going on, children end up pushing their parents away.

Because trust is broken down in the parent-child relationship every time they see that you don’t really understand how they’re feeling.

I know you're trying!

I know you’ve likely read books and possibly been to a psychologist or therapist, or attended a course.

In fact, many of the parents that come to me arrive after they’ve already been to psychologists, therapists and doctors.

What parents often tell me is that what I teach is different. It’s like the missing piece of the jigsaw.

I'm not magical...

…it’s just that I can translate to you in a very powerful way just how your child is thinking and feeling because I have lived in your child’s shoes as a highly sensitive child.

I can teach you what I needed to hear as a child, so that you can pass this on to your sensitive child.

If you feel that you are a highly sensitive or neurodivergent parent, you will find that this program helps you make a lot of sense of your own experiences as a child too.

This will bring you a lot of inner peace and calm, which will positively influence your parenting and your highly aware child will sense that.

I’d love to share all of this with you because it has truly shaped my own life in ways that I can’t even describe other than to say, it’s life-changing.

And it’s changing hundreds of families’ lives all around the world.

The Calm Child Clinic


12 weeks of support, interaction and behaviour-changing tools

Only $697 OR 3 X $235 MONTHLY PAYMENTS

Support you in your parenting of a child with a sensitive nervous system.

Parent-proven approaches

that work for Highly Sensitive children

All the details...

The Calm Child Clinic runs for 12 weeks.This is a hybrid approach, incorporating some 1:1 support and some group coaching, as well as videos to watch in your own time.

I want to make this simple and manageable for you to fit into your life, whilst supporting you in the best ways possible.


I will ask you to complete an evaluation and send it to me by email before we begin our time together, so that I know your child’s needs.

This also allows me to monitor their wellbeing and progress with you throughout the time that we spend together.

Group meetings

We will have two group meetings a month (on Zoom), on a Wednesday at 1pm GMT/ 8 am EST.

All group calls are recorded and held in a members portal to share with your partner at a later date or rewatch for yourself so that you can ensure you and your partner are on the same page in your parenting. You will have access to these recordings for upto 12 months.

1:1 support

his takes place one week a month on an app called Voxer (a walkie talkie voice recording app) which makes it really easy for us to speak back and forth about any questions you have about your child. You leave me a voice message and I respond – simple!

We will go back and forth until you are clear on two things: what’s causing your child’s current problem and how to help support them with that issue. This is the perfect way to know that you’re getting tailored advice for your unique child.

It’s worth noting that this is also the only way to get my 1:1 support at the moment, as I’m not offering 1:1 calls right now.

Videos to watch in your own time

In the remaining week of each month, I’ll release a class for you to watch in your own time, so that you can learn new approaches for your child when it’s convenient for you.

Can you see how simple we are making this?!


Train your child's mind for calm and confidence

Learn The Goulding Sleeptalk Method with me. This is one of the missing pieces of the jigsaw in that it treats the very underlying causes of your child's current anxieties and struggles.

You will be trained in this powerful parenting method, which is endorsed by medical practitioners and psychologists and proven, by parents, to enable children to develop deep self-belief and inner calm.

This is one of the main methods that I teach all of my parents and one that a Mum recently described as "life changing" because it got right down, in a very practical way, to the root cause of her daughter's feelings and behaviour.

Without this information you are likely going to go in circles with conflicting and confusing advice from therapists and medics who don't know how to treat the root cause of behaviours and symptoms for long-lasting change.

And if you have a child who feels anxious or very angry and this has been affecting your family life for at least 6 months now- you are missing key information!

This practical method will give you and your partner a plan to work together as a team and you will implement this gentle method every bedtime for 2-3 mins each night.

Calm your home in a safe space with other like-minded parents.

In this group you won’t need to explain yourself or your child to anyone. I will help you to release shame, guilt or worry as we spend each week together in a safe space
Here’s a sneak peek at the schedule.

Part 1

Week 1: Group Call

Intro - and what a highly sensitive child needs to feel calm and confident

We will get to know one another to create a familiar and safe space for the coming weeks together. I will talk about what a highly sensitive child really needs to feel calm, confident and resilient so that you are no longer confused or worried about your child's behaviour or feelings.

Week 2: 1:1 support

Ask me anything about your child in a private space!

Get your specific questions answered by me personally.

Week 3: Video


In the moment, before they happen and everything in between. Answers to many of your struggles around big emotional outbursts with helpful tips and practical advice to implement at home.

Week 4: Group Call

Open Q+A time

These calls are always a great social time to get to know other parents and discuss common struggles with me. These calls are always so valuable because you learn so much from other parents' questions too! This is another time to ask me questions about your own child.

Part 2

Week 5: Group Call

Learn Emotional Freedom Technique/ Tapping- a powerful tool for releasing stuck emotions

I will show you how to feel more calm around your child and stop walking around them on eggshells. We will use this tool to help you to release frustration, shame and worry about your child and your parenting.

I will also show you how to model this calming tool for your child so that they can benefit from this life skill too.

Week 6: 1:1 support

Ask me anything about your child in a private space!

Get your specific questions answered by me personally.

Week 7: Video

Speaking your child's love language to build deeper connection

This week you will learn about The Repair Stage. When your child doesn't listen to you and they push you away, it's time to make some repairs to your connection and begin approaching them in a way that breaks down their barriers so that you can help them.

Week 8: Group Call

Open Q+A time

Bring your concerns to this call and listen to me advise other parents too. These calls are always so valuable! And this is the time to ask me questions about your own child.

Part 3

Week 9: Group Call

Phase 2 of The Goulding Method

This week we will do an evaluation of your child's progress and you will learn phase 2 of this confidence building method so that you can fully support and build your child's self esteem and resolve the root causes of their current emotions and/or behaviour.

Week 10: 1:1 support

Ask me anything about your child in a private space!

Get your specific questions answered by me personally.

Week 11: Video

Typical things that sensitive children struggle with and how to support them by speaking the highly sensitive child love language

Here we will discuss noise sensitivity and sensory stimulation; looking at how children get overstimulated in ways that you may not even realise - leading to meltdowns and low self-esteem. I will show you how to support your child with all of this and how to structure your days at home and days out to ensure that things feel calmer for everyone.

Week 12: Group Call

Sensory Therapy and Q+A

I will introduce you to some sensory therapy exercises that can support your child's nervous system and help them to feel more regulated. This is brand new information for the Calm Child Clinic and comes from my studies with an occupational therapist. Sensory therapy is changing the way that I feel as a person with a sensitive nervous system, so I am very excited to bring this to you because it is a game changer!

This session will be filled with practical exercises to use at home with your child and time for open Q+A about these exercises.

Hey there! I'm Jen...

I’ve been coaching parents for almost 15 years now.

My qualifications and years of experience are important, because they will help assure you that I know what I’m talking about.

But it’s more important that you know that I walk my talk…

I implement this wisdom in my own life every day, and I am also dedicated to being coached myself, which means I am always updating and uplevelling my knowledge and approaches to bring you the best tools for your child.

And along with all of my other credentials and training in mind and body approaches, I bring my personal experience of being a highly sensitive child.

I understand both you AND your child.

You don’t need to explain yourself to me or feel embarrassed.

I really get it!

I hope that you find that my humour and down-to-earth personality help you feel safe and relaxed as you learn more about your child over the coming weeks in this group.


Actress from Will and Grace

I learnt more from one of your videos than I did in 10 years of therapy!


We have seen such a difference in our 5-year-old's behaviour. He is calmer, getting along with his brother more and seems more secure in himself. Thank you, we were in such a dark place when we first contacted you.

Lucia USA

My son had been angry for months and I couldn’t understand what was going on. The teachers were calling me almost daily and I always felt anxious and had headaches. Jen taught me how to speak to him in a new way, and he immediately opened up to me about how he had been feeling. I feel so much more empowered now as a parent, knowing that I don’t need to rely on teachers or other professionals to tell me what is going on with my child. This group has been a blessing.


There’s a way that Jen communicates that makes you feel validated, accepted and understood. Thank you Jen for what you have given our family! Thank you for hearing me and helping me regain my confidence. I look forward to parenting in a way that restores my children’s dignity and sense of self-worth and makes them feel validated and understood. How I desired to parent when I first set out on this journey of motherhood, but got discouraged along the way.

You don't have to do this alone...

You may be reading those testimonials from parents and thinking “How did they achieve that change with their child?”

A method to soothe the nervous system while their child sleeps.

How to change their child's inner dialogue so that the powerful voice in their mind was positive and filled with confidence.

How to build their child's confidence around any past events that contributed to their struggles.

How to stop walking around their child on eggshells and start speaking to them in a way that actually reached them and helped them calm and listen to their parent.

And you can learn all of this too.

I will make this really simple for you:

This isn’t school, and this definitely isn’t something else to add to your overwhelm.

I create a warm, welcoming, safe space… and you get to take all the worries off your shoulders and take back control by learning simple approaches that really work.

In 12 weeks you could be looking at a different child 😄

In fact, it won’t be a “different” child… it will be YOUR child… your happy child who is hiding beneath all the worries and anger.

Would you like my help?

The Calm Child Clinic


12 weeks of support, interaction and behaviour-changing tools

Only $697 OR 3 X $235 MONTHLY PAYMENTS

Use code CALM99 for $99 off!

Support you in your parenting of a child with a sensitive nervous system.

Parent-proven approaches

that work for Highly Sensitive children


No problem! Many parents won't attend live due to work, commitments with their child or simply because the time doesn't work for them in their time zone.

This is fine! I am recording all calls and they will be held within a portal, so you can access each call and watch on replay in your own time.

If you can get to one call a month in person, I would recommend getting to the fourth week of each month as that is where we will be doing an open clinic to answer your questions.

Many parents have gone onto really calm their child and regulate and soothe their nervous system and emotions just through listening to me in their own time.

Any child between ages 4 and 12 years 🙂

If you have a teen, please do join us as everything that I teach can be applied to them and when we speak 1-1 each month, I will be able to help you make it very personal to your teen 😊 We are dealing with the root cause of different emotions and behaviours and that root cause is the same for a 3 year old as it is for a 13 year old, as you will learn in the clinic group.

I don't know what you've got going on, but I know how hard it is to trust that something can help you when you feel like you've tried everything...

Many parents come to me after seeing psychologists, play therapists, doctors, school counsellors and the like...

I think the best way to answer this is to say that a group like this helped a mom in Australia who had a son who was having 10 meltdowns a day (her words). She only spoke with me twice in that group and she was able to reduce his anger by 70-80% - and he gained a friend for the first time in his life.

This Mum was implementing methods at home that she had also learnt in this group - one of which you do while your child sleeps! 

She didn't think this change was possible at the start, but gave it a go anyway and it paid off...

If she can do it, so can you. 😊

I find that parents with quite complex problems can achieve a lot of change with their child within a group setting. That's why I'm still running them.

And during this group clinic, you get 1:1 support every month.

Currently, I am not taking on any private clients, so this is the only and best way to speak with me directly about your child.😀