Managing Meltdowns

What you need to know when nothing else works.

Managing Meltdowns

What you need to know when nothing else works.
Many techniques don’t work for a child who feels deeply and has a sensitive nervous system. And that’s why I created this NEW class so that you can learn some approaches that other parents are using to help their sensitive child calm.

Do you relate to this?

Your child blames themselves or you for their feelings

You hear lots of "I'm the worst kid, no one likes me anyway- it would be better if i wasn't part of this family." or "I hate you!" Perhaps they yell at you, hit you, tell you to go away, or put their fingers in their ears when you try to talk to them.

Your child gets stuck in their intense feelings

They go around in circles repeating the same worry or thing that they're angry about; remaining stuck in their meltdown.

You worry about the impact on the other children

Your child hits their siblings or gets angry at them and you want to protect them from being hurt.

No amount of calm or validating their feelings helps them

You find yourself sitting with your child, speaking calmly, validating them with words, and yet those approaches make no difference. If anything, they sometimes make your child even more angry or anxious!

What you can do to help your child...

Many parents say “YES! This is my child, so what can I do to help them?”

And this is why I created this video class.

I have 15 years experience working with parents and I have created approaches that work specifically for the sensitive child.

Many parents come to me after spending hundreds or thousands in therapy and nothing changes.

I have had feedback proven from parents that the way I advise to speak to a sensitive child actually calms them!

And the reason that I know how to speak to them is because I was that child! And I know what I needed…

Will you allow me to share this knowledge with you so that you can finally reach your child in ways that hasn’t been possible up to this point.

I’d love to bring you some hope and show you how you can bring more peace and calm to your daily lives.

Happy Parent - Calm Child

We have stopped trying to validate our son's feelings and simply repeated to him the words that you gave to us. Within a week he's gone from 40 min meltdowns to about 10 mins. We think it's because he's feeling the unconditional love that we're giving him.

Parent of a young boy - 2023

We have tried so many other approaches and I have been on SO many courses. This information is LIFE CHANGING!

Parent of a young girl - 2023

Our daughter is calmer than I've ever seen her during the last few days.

Parent of a 5 year old girl - 2023

Managing Meltdowns


This is a recorded class where you will see me teaching a group of parents how to get to the root underlying cause of their child's big emotions and ultimately help them to come back to calm. This is the information you need when nothing else is working!

Common parenting approaches don't work for sensitive children...

Parents that come to me have often been to everyone they thought should have the answers and still nothing is working to calm their child.

And in the meantime, hundreds or thousands of pounds have been spent in the pursuit of calming their child.

Do you relate?

After a week of implementing one of my communication approaches, my client Charlie told me that within a week his son was 50% calmer.

He said they’ve gone from daily meltdowns to a couple a week and that they’re more like 10 minutes now, rather than 40 minutes.

Before this they had spent six months on another course, seeing very little difference in their son’s ability to calm himself.

Research shows that children with ADHD typically hear 20,000 more negative messages than their peers during their childhood.

And they are more likely to perceive what others are saying through a negative lens.

That means that even when you are trying to be calm and validate their feelings, they aren’t hearing that.

So in fact, what you are doing and saying is hitting a brick wall…it’s not being absorbed by your child…they can’t hear you…

When your child has all this negativity inside and a low self-image, they don’t feel good and this results in hitting, anger, unkind words and big worries.

I can see how many children with a sensitive nervous system struggle to come back to calm, due to the way that their brain is wired.

I am here to help parents of all children who are on the neurodivergent spectrum learn how to speak to their child in a way that really helps them to break through their self-blame, shame and anxiety and come back to calm.

You need to change your approach so that you are speaking their language, and I can show you how.

Topics Covered

What one Dad began saying to his son in the middle of his meltdowns which resulted in him reducing them by 50% within a week

Why your validating language isn't working and what to say instead to help your child calm

What to say to your child when they keep repeating the same worry and spiral in their thoughts

The one question to ask your child just before a meltdown snowballs

What to say when your child has negative self talk or feels bad that they can't stop their anger or worries

And many other topics that I am sure you will relate to!

Take a step towards understanding what’s really going on for your child in those intense moments and learn NEW ways to respond to them so taht they actually begin to calm.

This isn’t your typical “just validate your child’s feelings” type of advise.

It’s based on years of coaching parents to speak to their child in ways that I realise I needed as a child.

It’s about understanding WHY they are having those long meltdowns and what they are really feeling…so that you can speak to them in NEW ways…ways that will actually reach them.

Join the hundreds of parents that have gone before you and really felt the benefits of a calmer home.