The Calm Parent Audio

How to speak so your highly sensitive child listens, without shouting.

Do you have a sensitive child who never listens to you?
Are you sick and tired of repeating yourself?
Do you find yourself shouting, no matter how much you try to
remain calm, because nothing you say seems to work?

I am here to help.

Recently after teaching a Mom how to speak to her 9 year old son with words that really touched his heart and broke through the walls that he had up , she came back to me and told me about the results that she had got.

Months ago, her son had been feeling angry and was having struggles at school, which was causing her to feel a lot of anxiety in her chest because she didn’t know what to do. She just couldn’t get through to him. She also couldn’t understand why he was so angry. She felt a lot of shame about the constant calls that she had from teachers at school about how her son was behaving and it caused her a lot of stress and sleepless nights.

My clients son, hadn’t shared what was going on for him with his Mom for a number of months. The reason he hadn’t shared this was because he didn’t know how to put words to his emotions and share them with his Mom. He also didn’t feel comfortable sharing his feelings because up until this point, his Mom hadn’t learnt how to really speak his love language. So they both desperately wanted to connect but they just didn’t know how to.

One of the things that I taught his Mom to do was to change the way she was speaking to him.

When she spoke to him in a completely different way than she had ever spoken to him before, whilst sitting on the sofa with him one afternoon, he immediately and out of the blue, opened up to her about how he had been feeling all those months prior.

Can you imagine how they both felt in that intimate and connecting Mother- Son moment?

This made a massive difference in their relationship and brought them so much closer. This wonderful woman was sharing with me, with tears in her eyes, how she felt so much calmer now and also was astonished that he had opened up to her on this new level, when prior all she had seen was an angry son most of the time!

When you are a highly sensitive child, it is life changing to have somebody in your life who is highly invested in you and wants to learn how to create a deep and meaningful relationship with you.

When a child doesn’t have this they:

Bottle their feelings up and stop talking to their parent
Complain about tummy aches and head aches
Doubt themselves and say negative words about themselves such as “I am so stupid” or “ I will never be able to do this”
Feel completely alone and scared
Crave attention from their parent all the time
Find it hard to concentrate on their work at school and get into trouble or shy away from school life
Find it hard to sleep at night; calling you in or asking you to sleep with them
Feel anger towards their siblings; calling them names and hitting them
Feel anger towards their parent; calling them names and telling them to go away
Are tearful or low in mood regularly

The things that you will learn in this mini course will feel like a big hug wrapping its arms around you, that will then enable you to give a big hug to your child and you will begin to see them melt.

When we know how to speak to a child in a way that melts their worries away- their behaviour changes before our very eyes. You will notice how they:

1. Begin to really listen to you
2. Come to you for cuddles more instead of pushing you away
3. Express themselves more and trust you with their feelings
4. Play with their siblings and has way more fun in life
5. Stop answering you back as much
6. Start to settle at bedtime more allowing you time to yourself
7. Get on with their homework by themselves without demanding your attention all the time
8. Speak positive words about themselves
9. Doesn’t need to explode with a meltdown every 10 mins and instead calms down more easily when they do feel emotional

In this audio program, that you can freely listen to in the
comfort in your own home, whenever you want to, 24/7,
365 days of the year from any device that has an
internet connection, some of the things that you will
learn are:

What to say and do when your child says “no” to you so that you can break the repetitive cycle of a power struggle

How to decrease your sensitive child’s anger and anxiety by saying one specific thing to them in your conversation ( this strategy can be used repeatedly whilst out and about and in the home)

What to say and do after you shouted so that you can put an end to your child’s meltdown in minutes and restore the connection between you both

( If you only listen to this one audio you will be miles ahead of every other parent on the planet in understanding how to raise a confident and calm child.)

How to use your voice and body stance differently so that your gorgeous child takes you seriously and listens to you

What to say to your child to stop them fighting with their sibling in the moment

What to say to your child in the moment when you are trying to be loving to them and they still say “go away” or “ I don’t like you”

The real reasons why your child isn’t listening to you that you may not even be aware of

The exact behaviour changing process that I taught this Mom that I mentioned in the introduction

The 4 words that your child hears when you are angry and how this is blocking them from feeling your love

My Promise to You

My promise to you is that by listening to this information AND putting it into practise on a regular basis, you will:

See that your child begins to actually listen to you and cooperate

Hear how your home sounds quieter because your children are fighting less and for shorter periods of time

Feel like the best version of yourself as a Mom- calmer and more in control which means your confidence level will increase and you will hold your head up higher

See your child come to you more as they want to snuggle up to you and feel close to you

Have a child who is more likely to get on with their homework by themselves without whining or self-doubt

Hear your child open up to you about their worries which means you will have loving and connecting conversations with your child that you have never had before

Have less arguments with your child about switching the TV off or getting off their gaming

See your sensitive child’s confidence soar, watching them try things with new confidence

Enjoy more time to yourself in the evenings as your child settles more at bedtime on their own

Here is why NOW is the time to get this at home…

Your child’s happiness is a priority to you every day of the year… I know that and especially right now while they are at home more with you and struggling to adjust to things like online school and not seeing their friends…

…or perhaps they’ve gone back to school but still things are worse than ever in your home…

…most parents tell me that things were tough before but since the past year with Covid-19, things have gotten worse…

…you aren’t the only one feeling this way (even though i know it can often feel that way)…

…so, i don’t want to give you anything too time demanding right now and i want to help you get calm into your home asap…

…and the great thing about this time at home is that you can use it to make changes with your child that maybe you weren’t making yet because life was so busy before…

…now with no other distractions such as after school classes or swimming lessons , in a way you’ve got this window of time to focus on your child right now to create that deep lasting bond that is going to help you not only now while they are at home with you but also when you are able to fully go back out to places again and do activities…

When that time comes around, you will be better equipped to enjoy life more with your child on a whole new level 😊

I am on a mission to help parents use this time at home to turn some things around that have been ongoing with their child…

This mini course has some of the most impactful and behaviour changing strategies that I teach to my private clients who pay hundreds of dollars for this information…

I’ve taken some of  the most important things that I teach to parents on those coaching calls and i’ve put them into small audios for a tiny, tiny fraction for what my 1-1 or group coaching would cost…

The Calm Parent audio is $29.99

Yep… that’s it!

Plus…you get a copy of my ebook that’s got 43 phrases to use with your child when they are melting down, feeling anxious or for when you are feeling at your whits end because you don’t know what to say in those moments to calm them…this is a life saver in itself! Click the link below to get your copy!


Will I have ongoing access to the audios?
Yes, you can come back to these audios time and again 🙂

How will I get access to the course?
It is going to be on our membership site and you will be able to access this for any devise that has an internet access

What age range is this best for?
This is ideally suitable for parents of children ages 4 plus.

Will I have ongoing access to the audios?
Yes, you can come back to these audios time and again 🙂

How will I get access to the course?
It is going to be on our membership site and you will be able to access this for any devise that has an internet access

What age range is this best for?
This is ideally suitable for parents of children ages 4 plus.

L.A Baker

Actress who played Ellen in Will and Grace

“I think you are wonderful! I got more out of your IGTV on anxiety than I had in 10 years of therapy!!!”

Kelli Schoefer

There is always growth in learning how to handle conflicts and that’s why myself and my husband keep doing this work, so that we can approach each other and our children with love.

I used to just react to my son, but now we can sit on the couch together and I can see that his behaviour isn’t about me. This means that I can tell him that I am here for him and that I am listening to him. Before we worked with you, I am sure I was not reacting in a way that made him feel that we were on the same team.
My husband and I have learnt things from you like recognising the tone in our voice and the expression on our faces and that has benefitted us a lot!
The atmosphere in our home has changed so much this last 6 months, that recently when I raised my voice and got angry, our son looked surprised! This used to be our old normal, but it isn’t anymore and that stood out to him! That was huge!

Jacqueline Whyte

The course made such a difference in our lives.

After completing the course I continued to follow the processes. I had a thirst to learn more, so I commenced the Peaceful Pathway coaching in September 2019 allowing me to share, learn and grow in a supportive community who are also making a difference in their families lives.

Both the course and the peaceful pathway has helped me to have greater awareness of my own sensitivities and my son’s.

It helped stop his nervous and constant throat clearing within a week.
With increased anxiety he started to wet the bed. Soon that stopped after a couple of weeks.
He is also experiencing improvement in his coordination everyday
Greater focus at swimming, and so his technique is improving.
He is more engaged in his learning, and gets excited when he has done well.
He is starting to speak about how he is feeling, and apologizes when he thinks he is wrong.
His creativity is growing daily, as he chooses to draw and paint on his own

Being on The Peaceful Pathway, I am learning to be more accepting, ensure that I have my self-care routine in place, explore my strengths, learn new things to share with my family and to take one step at a time.

Mandie Nault

“I was nervous at first to invest in one of your programs because I have read so much and spent so much time understanding child development that I was afraid I would only hear things I have already known. That was absolutely not the case. I am SO thankful I invested in more than one of your programs and coaching because it’s helped me as a parent and more importantly as a person- more than any of the books I’ve read ever could”


I’m so grateful for Jen and her Peaceful Pathway. Right from the beginning Jen challenged me to really think about how I felt as a child. Asking me questions that I’d never been asked before. -Did you feel understood as a child?- Well my answer was no and so I decided to come on board to figure out why and how I could heal that part of me mad become the parent I wanted to be but didn’t know-how.

Then on to learning how to pass this new knowledge onto my children. How do I support them to feel loved and understood? How do I create an environment where they get to be themselves …discover themselves….and feel all their different feelings and emotions while knowing that through it all I am by their side loving them and giving understanding and

This is Jens gift and it takes time, practice and commitment. Before Jen I tried to fix our problems all the time and it was exhausting. Now I have an inner peace with parenting
that I didn’t know I could have. Now I have conversations with my children that I didn’t have before. Now I fix less and love more.

Lucia Ohuche

“My son had been angry for months and I couldn’t understand what was going on for him. The teachers were calling me almost daily and I always felt anxious and had headaches. As Jen taught me how to speak to him in a new way, he immediately opened up to me about how he had been feeling all those months prior. I feel so much more empowered now as a parent, knowing that I don’t need to rely on the teachers or other professionals to tell me what is going on with my child. I am now in a position to help other parents learn how to connect with their children and have become somebody that others come to when they are struggling. This group has been a blessing.”


Founder of Behold The Connection – @beholdtheconnection

“Jen’s wisdom is exceptional! Truly! She is a very intuitive coach and teaches from the soul to the soul. I can not think of a sentence she’s said that hasn’t resonated with me! She is a gift to the world of parenting and highly sensitive people and I’ll be forever grateful our paths crossed.”